DIIS working paper

Does China control arctic mineral raw materials?

Authors: Patrik Andersson & Per Kalvig

DIIS policy brief

Chinese companies in Arctic mining are gaming the master plan

Editors: Patrik Andersson, Per Kalvig & Ulrik Pram Gad


Mineralske råstoffer, bæredygtighed og innovation

Troels Kullberg, Per Kalvig & Matilde Rink Jørgensen

DIIS policy brief

Greenland’s minerals to consolidate China’s rare earth dominance?

Editors: Per kalvig & Hans Lucht

GEOVIDEN 2012/4 – Temahæfte

GEOVIDEN 2012/4 – Temahæfte

Mineralske Råstoffer

Per Kalvig, Karen Hanghøj, Bo Møller Stensgaard, Karsten Secher, Adam Garde & Lars Lund Sørensen



Information og fakta om udvinding af uran i Grønland 2015

Per Kalvig, Karsten Secher & Gert Asmund

Journal title: Resources Policy

EURARE rapport

Roadmap for REE material supply autonomy in Europe

GEUS and D’Applonia;
Editors: Erika Machacek, Per kalvig